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Welcome to Ewell Educational and Technology Services!

We have been located in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida since 1970.  Ewell Educational & Technology has over 40 years of business experience with numerous Tampa Bay Area Organizations in the fields of Education, Banking, Finance, Computer Services, Training and Development. Being well established in the St. Petersburg area matched with years of professional experience you can be assured of fair, ethical and honest dealings.  

"When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear" is a Buddhist saying.  Whenever there is something you want to learn or something you do not understand, "The Teacher Will Appear" and will teach you what you need to know.  For more information see our "Educational Concepts and Offerings".

Ewell Educational has something for everyone including business and training services, educational products, computer software, books and collectibles just to name a few. Each section on our website has a story to tell.  As you view the pages, we will guide you through related information and links to the products and services we offer.

Visit  "Our Store" on the left and take a look.  If you don't see what you need today, keep checking back or send us an email we might have what you are looking for. 

Learn How To Organize Your World!



The Science of Organized Planning and Living..  The Personal Life Management Series...

The Only Software You Need to Manage Your Life... 


Professional Associations

ASTD / American Society for Training and Development

CIW / Certified Internet Webmaster / Certified Instructor

APS / American Philatelic Society

SBD / Sigma Beta Delta

SPC / St. Petersburg College


Other Products and Services

ProvenEdge, MBA and CashGraf Software Products

The ProvenEdge Company went out of business in 1999.  The majority of product users went on to other software back then, however, a very small number of users still kept using the product.  We offered very limited technical support on the product for those users since the Proven Edge company was gone. The product has aged and will not run on Microsoft Vista or Windows 7. If you are still running your program on Windows 95, 98 or XP, it will still run.  Since the product has become obsolete in the current operating systems, we cannot offer any support on those products beyond XP use. 

Training Services

Individual and Classroom Training in Personal Computers, Software, Financial Applications, Personal Development, Metaphysical Science, Holistic Health Care Concepts... Training Books...

Mike's Collecting Mania

PACKRAT CORNER: Sci-Fi, Star Wars, Star Trek, Toys, Books, Music, just to name a few... You like it, we might have it... Collectible Items, Hobbies and Merchandise.


Seminars on Small Business Management, Computer Applications and Organizational Skills



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