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Technical Writing



Technical writing is a highly desirable skill that many companies have a need for.   Historically, companies have used technical writers for a variety of development projects including but not limited to:

  • Curriculum Development

  • Courseware Manuals

  • Operations Manuals

  • Policies and Procedures Manuals

  • Software User Manuals

  • Technical Manuals 

Many technical writers and technical writing skill requirements have moved beyond just being able to write technical works on paper.   Most technical writing now encompasses HTML documents over an Intranet, Internet or Extranet.  Additionally, software development companies need Technical writers that are knowledgeable of software programs such as RoboHelp or Help Magic.

Ewell Educational has an extremely strong background in the development of company documentation, operational manuals, policy & procedure manuals, curriculum development and coursework books.

Since 1985, we have written well over 50 technical publications and manuals ranging in depth and size from 20 pages to 500 pages for Tampa Bay Area organizations.  These manuals have been in numerous industries.

We have developed and written considerable curriculum and operational procedures for St. Petersburg College in the past few years.

One of our strongest skill set offerings is in the creation and development of Operational Models and Theoretical Prototypes.

In the past, the manuals we have developed have been for companies under "Work for Hire".  We are now venturing out to write and publish our own books, manuals and periodicals.

If you have a need for a "Developmental Manual or Writing Project", feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.  We will be happy to show you some samples of our past work.  We will have additional on-line samples and links in the near future to examples of our "Publications".

Click on the links below to see samples:

Proven Edge Professional Training Manual - Table of Contents



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