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Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC - Privacy Statement - Effective 12/20/02

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The purpose of this privacy statement is to disclose our company policy of gathering information and how this information is used.  

What Information is Being Collected 

When you place an order for product from Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC, its subsidiaries or affiliates, generally only a limited or minimum amount of information is being collected to complete the order and service the customer.

On computer software and educational book sales, information collected may include your name, your company name, your shipping address, your telephone number(s), shipping method, your email address(es), your Website URL and the method of payment., i.e., check, credit card, money order etc. NO CREDIT CARD NUMBERS are kept on file in any form by Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC at this writing of the privacy statement.  This information is used to complete the order and prepare an invoice, pick ticket, and shipping ticket.    Subsidiary businesses of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC may collect additional information depending on the product or service provided.

On computer software support, we may need to collect information needed to extend technical support on your behalf including but not limited to; the type of operating system you have (such as Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000), the type of processor and speed of your hardware processor, the version number and batch number of the product you are using, the error messages you are receiving, and the name that your the program is registered in or will be registered in.

For technical support on accounting data files sent to us, any information contained in the these files will be kept confidential, secure and destroyed at the proper time.   Please read the section on Confidentiality of Information in the Terms of Use statement. 

How the Information Is Being Used

To better serve your educational or business needs, we may collect information in our database of your educational and business interests or goals to advise you of new products or special offers.

The information is used to better serve our customers.   Information collected may be used for data mining, cross selling and direct solicitation to those customers who have done business with Michael Ewell, Sole Proprietor or Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates.   The information collected may also be used for historical purposes associated with Technical support inquiries and volumes that may be associated with a technical support delivery contract.

Contacting Us Email or By Telephone

We use email links on the website for you to contact us directly and submit questions or comments you may have.   We read every message sent in and try to reply promptly to everyone.  This information is used to respond directly to your inquiry, questions or comments.   We may save the email inquiries electronically or in hard copy form for historical purposes.  Telephone inquiries and questions may be collected and documented in our customer support database and accounting system for billing and historical purposes.   Your customer or personal information will only be shared with third parties with your explicit permission.

Who Collects The Information

The information to complete the invoice and packing slip is normally collected via the shopping cart transaction on the Website (secure encrypted data using PayPal shopping cart services) order notification. If the order is not originated using the Shopping Cart or PayPal system and payment is made by Check or Money Order the billing and shipping information will be collected by one of the principles of Michael Ewell Enterprises LLC or their employees via email or telephone.

Information needed to provide technical support will be collected by Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC via email or telephone communication.

With Whom The Information Is Being Shared

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC is the sole owner of the information it collects from its website(s) and customers.   Historical sales information collected using the PayPal shopping cart system is stored electronically with PayPal and can only be accessed by designated members of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC and PayPal Member Services.  Sales and customer information is maintained in accounting systems and databases by Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC and at the present time is only being shared with members of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC and its subsidiaries.

Future information collected from on-line forms, promotions or opt-in emails, will only be shared with members of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC,  its subsidiaries and affiliates. We may on occasion have a need to partner or sub-contract work out to independent agents, however, only information relative to the contract work will be disclosed.  Any agents we contract with will be subject to a "Non Disclosure Agreement" maintaining data confidentially with our customers.

Acquisition of Leads and Opt-In Participants

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC may collect potential prospect information from lead generation surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, contests, newsletters and the purchase of opt-in email/marketing lists.   This information will remain confidential and will only be used by Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC, its subsidiaries and affiliates with the exception of opt-in marketing or methods you have enrolled in and given us permission to share with third parties.

Web Server Log Information

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC website(s) logs IP addresses, browser types, search engines sources, and a host of other traffic analysis to our websites using a third party Web statistics providers and/or software.   These logs will be analyzed to determine the traffic patterns and improve the value of the materials available on the Website. A user's session information will be tracked, but the user will be anonymous.   We do not link any information compiled in the Web Server Log files to any personally identifiable information.

Links to Other Websites

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC website(s) contain links to other websites that may or may not have a relationship with Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC.   We have links on our website(s) to sites that may provide value or have subject matter of interest to our customers.   You should read the privacy statement and terms of use of any websites you visit from links on our website(s).   The terms of use and privacy policies on these sites may not be same as ours.

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC owns several subsidiaries which may have interlinks between its websites.  All subsidiaries of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC will have our company name at the bottom of each page holding the copyright or trademark information for each domain and website.  

How is the Information Secured

At the time of this writing of this privacy statement customer information is stored in "password" protected programs and databases, on stand alone computers that do not interface with any Internet networks.   Only designated members of Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC have access to these files.

How Can I Access and Correct Any Information In Error In Your Files

Since we keep the our customer information confidential in off-line computers, you would need to email us or write us to confirm or correct information we have in our files.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

Michael Ewell Enterprises, LLC reserves the right to change the terms of its privacy statement and policy at any time.   Should the privacy policy be changed the date of origination and change date will appear in the statement.

Questions About This Privacy Statement should be directed via email or in writing to:

Michael Ewell

P O Box 49314

St. Petersburg, FL 33743-9314



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