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Never before have there been so many ways to learn and grow as we have today.  

There are several modes of learning and several methods of teaching.  As individuals we have learning styles. The learning tools and teaching methods offered work differently depending on your learning style. The three types of learning styles are:

  • Auditory Learner - you learn by listening

  • Visual Learner - you learn by seeing and visualizing

  • Kinesthetic Learner - you learn by doing with hands on

Everyone learns to a certain degree by all of these, however, each of us has a predominate learning style and will achieve the most by using learning tools and environments that fit our strongest learning style.   Auditory learning is usually our weakest learning style, but not for everyone.  Some people are very strong auditory learners.   Most people retain more and learn better by "seeing" and by "doing".

In the teaching realm or learning realm, there are several approaches that include:

  • Didactic - normal classroom environment and lectures

  • Visual presentations using video, audio, graphics, multimedia and slide shows

  • Experiential - hands on learning with exercises and projects

  • Computer Assisted Learning - computer based training on CD or on the Internet

  • Team or workgroup projects

  • Self and independent study

We offer products and learning from numerous sources including:

  • Courseware, text books and regular books

  • Video tapes

  • Computer based training software on CD or DVD

  • Internet & web based courses

  • Subscription newsletters

  • Website memberships

  • E-books (Electronic Books)

  • On site training at your business or home.

  • Seminars

So the next questions to ask are:  What do I need to learn?  How do I need to learn it?  Do I want informational training or hands on?  Do I want to be taught how to do it by someone else? Do I want to just learn on my own? Do I need an Industry Certification or do I need a Certificate or Degree from an Accredited School.    You need to evaluate the time, the cost and what you plan on doing with the knowledge once you have it to pick the best approach.  And, don't forget your Primary Learning Style in your selection for the best educational method.




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