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Website Design



The Internet and World Wide Web is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is here to stay and is one of the greatest inventions since the "printing press".

The Internet empowers the individual:

  • To learn and grow

  • To publish information and share knowledge

  • To create a business and sell worldwide

  • To use their creativity and imagination for all the world to see

WHAT A GREAT OPPORTUNITY!  There are millions and millions of websites on the World Wide Web.  There are personal websites, business websites, government websites, and non-profit websites. There are websites of every size, color, layout and imagination possible.

If you are going to create a website, you first need to ask yourself what is the purpose for having one.  Once you have determined the purpose for having one, you can select what methods and tools are needed to create it.

Most ISP's (Internet Service Providers) allow individuals to have a certain amount of space "Free of Charge" on their Web Server for personal web pages as part of the ISP service.  The ISP's usually have on-line publishing capabilities that allow you to create and publish personal web pages.

For more robust websites and commercial websites there are web design software programs that allow you to create websites which write the HTML code in the background, so you don't have to be a "Programmer" as such to create a website.   If you become proficient using Web Design and Development tools, you can create a fairly good website.  NOW building a great website requires a great deal of work and requires an extremely thorough, diverse and experienced understanding of Internet Technologies.   The World Wide Web is not that old, only a handful of years in its graphical and economic form used today.

In designing a website there are many issues to consider and most people without taking courses in Web Design don't know where to begin, or don't want to begin, or don't have time to do it.

Good web design is a skill and an art at the same time. Using Web design software tools is one thing, but having artistic talent and an eye for color is another. Not everyone is good at it, let alone excellent or what some might call "Great" at it.  

Ewell Educational and Technology Services can assist you in designing your website.   We can design a site for you, can direct you where to learn or how to design a website yourself, or sell you books and software on designing websites. 

Our primary business is in knowledge, consulting, educational products and programs, however we do provide a certain level of Technology implementation and delivery services.

For more complex projects that are beyond our expertise, we can refer you to business associates or partners that are what we would call in the "High Power" web design business.

If you are considering creating a website, please feel free to contact us with your questions and needs.  




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