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Shopping on is secure.  We us the PayPal secure shopping cart and/or person-to-person payment system.  You may pay with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express Card, Discover Card or E-Check using the PayPal system. Transactions and your credit card information using the shopping cart system on this site are encrypted by PayPal.  You will receive a message that you are accessing a secure site when the payment system is initialized.  

Your credit card check digit on the back of your card (known only to you) is entered at the time of the transaction.  Your credit card information is not shared with us in the process.   When paying by credit card after your transaction is completed, we are notified by PayPal via email that the funds have arrived and our account has been credited for the sale amount allowing us to ship your product or provide you the service you have paid for.  This notification to us occurs instantly once your transaction has been completed. 

If you use e-Check it may take up to 3 days for the transaction to be completed and credited to our account.  To expedite product shipment or service please use your credit card.  

PayPal uses the AVS - Address Verification System confirming your credit card billing address which is an added protection against credit card fraud if you become a member of PayPal.

PayPal is a quick and easy solution to use allowing you to send a payment to anyone with an Email address.   PayPal is owed by eBay and is the premier person-to-person payment system used for eBay actions as well as thousands of websites on the Internet.

If you prefer to pay us by money order or business check this is acceptable but will delay the shipment of your product until the payment has arrived or payment having cleared the banking system.

For your protection we do not record or store any credit card information on our website files, forms or company database(s).



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