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Creating a website, especially an E-commerce enabled website can be a very complex implementation. There are many factors and variables to consider in an E-commerce website.

The cost of designing and implementing an E-commerce site can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.  Some statistical informational available places the average cost of setting up an E-commerce site at $10,000.00.  The cost of setting up the site will depend on the size of the site, number of products offered, complexity of the integration, and the e-commerce solution deployed.  There are several hundred E-commerce, shopping cart and payment solutions available on the market to choose from.  The solution you choose is relative to and dependent upon your business model.

Once the site has been designed and created it needs to be deployed, hosted and maintained. Again the cost of deployment and the monthly maintenance fees will vary depending on the solution and provider.    An E-commerce site can be hosted and maintained for as little as $20.00 a month to upwards of $20,000.00 a month.

Implementing an E-commerce website involves more than just designing the website and publishing it on the World Wide Web for all the world to see.  Designing a website with design software is generally the easiest part unless your website needs "custom programming" using compiled programming languages or database integration.

Here are some of the issues to consider regarding your site.  This is certainly not an exhaustive list but covers some of the top level issues:

  • Designing the site (layout, colors, images)

  • Having a business plan for your business and website

  • Securing your domain name

  • Complying with all the legal issues of having a website such as licensing, sales tax issues, domestic and global issues, trademarks, copyrights, contracts, privacy and security.

  • Selecting an ISP or your hosting solution

  • Selecting the most appropriate shopping cart and payment solution

  • Product fulfillment

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Integrating your website transactions with a database and accounting system

  • and one of the most important factors, "MARKETING YOUR WEBSITE".

At Ewell Educational and Technology we specialize in solutions for home and small businesses.   As "Certified E-commerce Designers and Certified Instructors" we can offer you insights into the "best solution to fit your needs".    We can offer you training on how to create the site yourself for a consulting/training fee, create the site for you in varying degrees or offer you a complete turnkey solution.  

There are numerous books (see below) available about E-commerce and placing your business on the web.  As an "Educational" product company, we have books available on these topics if you want to teach yourself.  

Please send us an email if you have specific questions.




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